Monthly update: June 2021

by Hostmaster

A new server, application updates and new services in the pipeline.


Nomagic has a new server! This brings a most welcome relief to the current server, and allows us to setup higher quota on the following services:

:open_file_folder: Seafile: from 4 Gb to 8 Gb
:movie_camera: Peertube: from 5 Gb to 20 Gb
:musical_note: Funkwhale: from 3 Gb to 6 Gb

Also, we have set in place everything we need to collect membership fees :money_with_wings:. The join us page has been updated accordingly.

Now all we need is to spread the word and get new members!

Coming up

Several new services will come up in the next few months. While the list is still open to suggestions, we are happy to announce the arrival of TiddlyWiki in the next few weeks.

TiddlyWiki is an interesting and unique way to collect and organise your thoughts into notes. I recommend reading the manual (under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence) written by Soren Bjornstad to prepare yourself to TiddlyWiki concepts and inner workings.



Applications upgrades

The following applications have been upgraded to their latest stable versions:

  • Hedgedoc
  • Jitsi-meet
  • PrivateBin
  • Matomo
  • Matrix-synapse
  • Element Web client
  • Peertube
  • Mobilizon
  • Pleroma
  • RSS Bridge


:wrench: A lot happened this month in the background!

  • A new server was provisioned
  • A cluster was created to get the old and new server to communicate with each other. This part was more tricky than anticipated, but we learned a few things on the way :books:

We have already re-balanced containers over the last few days, and the situation is stable now.

As usual, follow the Matrix channel to know about ongoing maintenances and issues.

Reminder: Important maintenance will show in advance on our calendar, which you can follow if you want to, by following the ical feed.

Bugs and issues

There were a few hiccups during the integration of the new server. Nothing too bad though, overall it was fairly smooth.

Also, balancing our reverse-proxy servers on both nodes cleared the long-standing issue we had. No more network mayhem happening every day at 06:00 PM!

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objectives

  • Upgrade the last 3 servers to the latest release.
  • Start organising monthly discovery sessions to ease out first contact with people interested in Nomagic.

Mid-term objectives

  • Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) so that Nomagic users won’t have to authenticate on each and every service in their Web browser.

Long-term objectives

  • Keep on implementing security/privacy policies.

Icons made by mavadee from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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