Terms of Service

In a nutshell

This page is a short version of our Terms of Service (ToS), summing up with simple human-readable sentences what you can expect from us, and what we shall expect from you. It also defines the extends of our responsibilities and yours. You are invited to read in full parts our ToS available here. Agreeing to those terms is a requirement for subscribing to our services.

Our engagements

Unconditional respect of your privacy (within boundaries of the law, of course) is the cornerstone of Nomagic.

Nomagic pledges to honour the following commitments to its users:

  • Never engage in data-monetization activity.
  • If data is collected, it will be exclusively for internal statistical analysis and will be subject to anonymisation, without involving any third-party.
  • We will try to respond to any legitimate queries within 72 hours. Please note that this does not mean the request will be fulfilled or the problem solved within that time.
  • We aim at providing and maintaining an ever-growing number of services for our users.

copyleft We use exclusively Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions (using various compatible licences) to run our infrastructure and intend to keep it as such. There is no such thing as perfect security in IT, however we strongly believe that using FOSS is one of the fundamental requirements for running a safe and trusted environment.
We also make use of active monitoring of our infrastructure components to ensure the best possible availability. We have daily snapshots and weekly full backups in place to recover in case something goes very wrong (!). Please note that these backups are only for disaster recovery and cannot be used to restore data deleted by a user.

We provide services that we do not develop, and if the request concerns specific wanted features or bugs we will invite you to register your issue directly with the developers. Depending on the issue and its impact, we might want to open the issue ourselves and/or participate to its resolution. \

While we will take care of updating our services and maintaining our infrastructure, we cannot ensure that a service will always be available. If the project related to a service were to be abandoned, we would have to eventually stop making the service available for security purpose. If that was to happen, we would be looking for another FOSS alternative to replace the obsolete service.

Your engagements

copyleft On the other side, as a user you should not use Nomagic services and/ or infrastructure to conduct any fraudulent activity externally or internally. We are simply offering a safe haven for people mindful of their privacy and who do not wish to trade their privacy for free use of service. We do not offer a free pass for misconduct. That said, we will not be scanning your data, and trust you to have a fair and respectful use of our services. We are not above the law and will be cooperating if legal requests were to be brought to us with a rightful mandate.

Service level

Nomagic is not suited for companies or critical business activities. Nomagic is not our main activity, and as such we cannot guarantee any minimum availability or incident resolution time, because we just might not be able to intervene right away at the time an issue / error / incident occurs.

Our services target private individuals and small associations. We will always try our best to keep everything working and provide fix and support to keep our services running. We have monitoring and weekly backups in place to achieve just that. Please note however that in case of issues (temporary unavailability of the platform or subset of services), there will be no money refund or credit mechanism induced. We work hard to keep things in order, and considering the low monthly/ yearly subscription fee, we do not want to add additional accounting complexity to dealing with technical maintenances and possible issues.

Getting on board

boarding New users need to get in touch with us by email or direct interaction. Once the information has been verified, a request for donation payment will be made. Upon payment arrival, the new username will be created and the newly created user will have access to our services. If necessary, inquiries will be made before activation in order to make the boarding experience as smooth as possible for both parties (ex: custom domain names, data migration, etc.)


leaving Would you wish to stop using our services, you are free to leave at anytime. This will need to be confirmed by mail or ideally via GPG-signed email (for proof of identity). Please use the withdrawal form available as part of our Terms of Service. The metadata (logs connections) will be kept for a year according to legal requirements.

Upon departure, the user is responsible for backing up his/her own data before they are removed from the live system. Ideally this should be done before handing over the withdrawal request. If help is required to retrieve specific data, contact us through support@nomagic.uk using your main Nomagic email address (required), and we will assist however we can.

The account locking should take effect within 72 hours and the removal of user data will take effect within 15 days of the withdrawal request.
The user’s data will later be removed from the backups as they rotate (typically 3 months).