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Feeling like you are not in control of your data? Don't like the idea of contributing to the supremacy of Web giants by giving away your data to the best bidder? Keep reading.

your life

Simply put, Nomagic allows you to get back total ownership over your data -- no data monetization whatsoever -- through Email and Web services hosted on our server.

All our solutions are exclusively based on Free Software using a mix of modern services and technologies based on standard protocols. Thus contributing to a more secure, more open and more decentralised Internet.

Intrigued? Curious? Want to know more?

Have a look at our motivation and values, and check out all the services we provide to our users, all based solely on Free and Open Source Softwares.


Have some extra questions before getting on-board? Contact us and we'll be happy to answer any question regarding our offer. Once you are are keen on joining us, please follow the steps described on our join us page to get started.

If you are using PGP to sign and/or encrypt your emails, our GPG key is available from, ; alternatively you can also download it directly.

(fingerprint: 99D2 5F59 7360 10A3 AF83 9D41 7E8E 0A0D 9959 48F0)

Nov 7, 2020

Monthly update: November 2020

Survey results, OS upgrades and a new service: Mobilizon! Banner of the month Keyoxide is a newcomer in the thorny issue of proving your identity online. There can be many...

Nov 2, 2020

Mobilizon: organise, gather, engage

An ethical alternative Mobilizon is a tool that helps you find, create and organise events. It is an ethical alternative to Facebook events, groups and pages. It is the latest...

Oct 6, 2020

Monthly update: October 2020

OS upgrades spread until the end of the year, first Nomagic survey. Banner of the month This month we would like to bring your attention to the irreverent art project...

Monthly update: September 2020

Free Press on trial, additional logo for Nomagic, handful of applications upgraded to latest stable. Announcement :tada: We have an...

Monthly update: July-August 2020

Peertube authentication update, Matrix/Riot/Element simplified encryption verification, Limesurvey as an alternative to Google Forms. Riot is now becoming Element. Announcement...

Monthly update: June 2020

Navigation toolbar v1.0, static website hosting, ongoing maintenances and upgrades, upcoming Peertube upgrade to v2.2.0. Banner of the month This...

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