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Privacy, Libre Software and elbow grease.

Feeling like you are not in control of your data?
Don't want to give away your data to the best bidder?
Looking for ethical hosting of online services?

Welcome to Nomagic
your life

Nomagic aims to be a trusted partner of your digital life.
To achieve this, we provide a large catalogue of services hosted on our servers.
We do not engage in data monetization whatsoever, and believe that people's data and online activity should not be traded in any way.


Why, and how?

Have a look at our motivation and values. Did we mention that all the services we provide to our users are based solely on Free and Open Source Software?

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Oct 3, 2021

Monthly update: October 2021

Alive and kicking! Achievements The infrastructure has been very steady during summer, and a major upgrade of the GNU/Linux distribution installed on the physical servers went through smoothly. Applications upgrades...

Aug 7, 2021

Monthly update: July - August 2021

Steady as she goes: 2 new services and some application upgrades. New services If you are not following the website news or the Matrix channel #atrium, you may not know...

Jul 6, 2021

Password manager

Forewords Passwords: the one thing that sits between your online data and people with bad intentions. Let’s recap what makes a good password management policy: Never use the same password...

Non-linear notebook

Introducing TiddlyWiki TiddlyWiki is a personal wiki and a non-linear notebook for organising and sharing complex information. personal wiki: it’s...

Monthly update: June 2021

A new server, application updates and new services in the pipeline. Announcement Nomagic has a new server! This brings a...

Monthly update: May 2021

Shiny new Instant Messaging XMPP server, application updates. Banner of the month This month, as I’ve just finished reading the...

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