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Feeling like you are not in control of your data?
Don't want to give away your data to the best bidder?
Looking for ethical hosting of online services?

Welcome to Nomagic
your life

Nomagic aims to be a trusted partner of your digital life.
To achieve this, we provide a large catalogue of services hosted on our servers.
We do not engage in data monetization whatsoever, and believe that people's data and online activity should not be traded in any way.


Why, and how?

Have a look at our motivation and values. Did we mention that all the services we provide to our users are based solely on Free and Open Source Software?

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Nov 13, 2022


Forum for your association! Nomagic is officially launching Forum-as-a-service! Forum is available on simple request for any not-for-profit organisation member. We have selected the FOSS web application Flarum, a shiny...

Nov 1, 2022

Bimonthly update: September-October 2022

Online general assembly summary Announcement :arrow_up: Funkwhale (music streaming) and Seafile (file storage) quotas have been raised to 10 GB per member. :white_check_mark: Our General Assembly was held on September...

Sep 5, 2022

Bimonthly update: July-August 2022

Online general assembly on September 21 Achievements Upgrade of our 2 hardware servers to the latest Proxmox release Re-enabling replication between our 2 Postgresql database servers Announcement Nomagic’s general assembly...

Bimonthly update: May-June 2022

Few updates and few issues to fix Achievements There were a lot of application updates those last months, as well...

Bimonthly update: March-April 2022

A Bunch of upgrades and some melodrama Achievements There were a lot of application updates those last months, as well...

Monthly update: February 2022

A new service for NGOs in the pipeline Achievements We gave a short presentation of CHATONS for ISF in Grenoble....

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