A global team-work effort

heartbeat Nomagic does not directly support or maintain the different open source applications instantiated on our servers. We install, update and monitor the applications, that’s it really.
That said, we will try to resolve any bug or issues raised, potentially making you part of the resolution process. All open source projects have points of contact to raise issues regarding the product (mailing lists, github/gitlab/gogs pages, forums, etc), and usually those are open to anyone.

In case of an unavailability of all our support sources, chances are that we are aware of the issue ;-)

  • Please refer to our services status page to have a better idea on the current status of the platform.
  • Maintenances are usually announced beforehand on Matrix and visible in our public calendar. Maintenances will also show on the status page. The current status of services is also visible from the bottom of each of the website pages, with a direct link towards the service status website. You will also be notified by email after resolution of a service interruption.

In order to receive technical assistance from Nomagic, it shall be advisable to apply the following procedure of escalation:

Non-security issue or service request

  1. First off, please ensure you are using an updated Operating System and a recent Web browser. Firefox is recommended for best results. Also make sure you Internet connection is fully working.
  2. If you cannot access a service at all, consult our services status page. The service might be under maintenance or already identified as unavailable.
  3. If the service is not mentioned ont the status page, please reach out:
  4. If you are looking for documentation on a service:
    • Consult available documentation on the wiki. The wiki contains limited information on the available applications as well as some guides to set up external application to connect to our services (ex: Desktop tools like Thunderbird or Android applications like DAV-Droid). An FAQ per application will also be implemented there.
    • Consult available documentation on the official Web service’s application website. A link should be present from the application’s page on our wiki. All applications are Free and Open Source applications, built and developed by different teams / organisations / companies. They all come with official documentation, and often with forum and/or ticket system.

You may also use the Nomagic forum, dedicated to support and documentation improvements. You can log in using your usual username/password.

The forum is public, so make sure to not leak any information that should not be made public.

The forum is an ideal centralised point for users to be able to ask and possible answer questions of other users. We recommend to do a quick search of your issue using keywords before opening a new thread, in order to avoid duplicates.

Security issue / personal content

  1. If it is a security issue or involve sensitive/personal content, please contact the Service Provider at If you are a Nomagic user, please use your NOMAGIC email address to send the email. You can also reach out in our bugs / issues room: on Matrix. Please convey the issue without revealing key information that could be used against you in any way. If needed, we’ll established a private direct chat with you from that room.
  2. If the assistance includes private information and requires coordinated assistance, please send an email to support with as much detail as you can regarding the issue without disclosing private information (like your password). After reviewing your email, if direct assistance is required we will need a way to contact you (JitsiMeet videoconference, Matrix identifier or XMPP JID) at a specific time and date available to both parties to troubleshoot in cooperation.
    Please note that this is on a best-effort basis by the Service Provider, and that this is strictly limited to issues with accessing the online services. Please also note that if the problem cannot be reproduced on the Service Provider’s end (meaning the problem is not on the server side), any further assistance will be purely on a reasonable endeavour basis.