Bimonthly update: April-May 2023

by Hostmaster

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Sorry we missed you

It has been awhile since we posted some news on Nomagic. We are doing fine though, just got busy with various things. However as you can see below, there was still a fair bit of time put into Nomagic maintenance routine.

@nomagic users: please follow our #issues room on Matrix to keep track of our various maintenances and bug fix.



Paheko (formerly Garradin) is now available on Nomagic. Paheko is a popular FOSS solution to manage membership and accounting for small to medium organisations. It comes a few months after Flarum, and allows Nomagic to now provide a full-fledged package of service for any small organisation wishing to join, with:

  • website (WordPress)
  • cloud storage (Seafile)
  • forum (Flarum)
  • mailing list
  • membership management and accounting (Paheko)
  • online surveys and forms (Limesurvey)

Applications upgrades

The Operating System upgrades continue, albeit we need to really focus on that part in the short term.

The following applications have been upgraded to their latest stable versions:

Bugs and issues

  • Another database replication issue lead us to rebuild once again.
  • Mobilizon last update fixed authenticating against our users’ directory, but it’s currently either that or external users. Hopefully we can get back to what it was before. Feel free to track the dedicated issue about this.
  • There was an issue with the automatic updates of the WordPress blogs. It has been fixed.

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objective

  • Migrate all our servers to Debian 11 (Bullseye). We are at about 50%, with most infrastructure servers not migrated yet. We will focus on this for the months to come.
  • Get a working backup for our Postgresql database server
  • Set up a new monitoring solution for Nomagic

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