Updated notebook application Turtl goes public

by Hostmaster

The secure, collaborative notebook application

Turtl Turtl is a very swift and simple FOSS application. Its goal: to help you quickly create notes and keeping them organised.

The project went through profound changes this year and we now have a new Turtl server and client applications. This brings several improvements upon the first iteration, notably the possibility to stay signed in and to export and import notes. There is also an ongoing development to implement search within notes, the only thing we have been missing so far!

Now officially part of our public services

At Nomagic we have been using turtl extensively for the last 2 years, as it fulfilled most of our note-taking needs in the most secure way. Indeed, turtl stores everything encrypted on the server side and never sends the password through the wire!

The downside of such a nice security design is that it makes it less integration-friendly to other systems (like our centralised authentication server). This means that turtl accounts are completely independent and not linked to anything. But eh, such a nice little app deserves to be known better and we hope that we can somehow contributing in spreading the word.

Support for members only

Support will be provided to members only, however the documentation is freely accessible and so is our install script for GNU/Linux distributions.

Saddle up!

To get started with Turtl, have a look at the official Turtl Website (please donate if you like!) and follow our documentation on the Nomagic wiki.

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