Image hosting service

by Hostmaster

A new service is born

We are happy to annouce that our instance of Lutim (Let’s Upload That Image) is now online. You can now quickly upload and share a picture, screenshot, icon, wallpaper, etc. with anyone.

note: this service is reserved to Nomagic users only (though the pictures can be shared with anyone of course).

Behind Lutim

Lutim is another project of the prolific Luc Didry, the official Framasoft System Administrator who is also behind Lufi and LSTU. Framasoft is a non-profit leaving only from donations, and have created many very cool services, including on-going PeerTube, so if like us you like what they do, please support Framasoft.

Lutim at Nomagic

Pictures can be set for a limited available time (like Lufi or PrivateBin) and encryption is possible (optional, disabled by default). Access for upload is restricted to Nomagic users, but once the image has been uploaded you can share it anywhere.

Lutim allows several interesting possible regarding how long the picture should be stored online. You can choose between 1, 7, 30, 90 days, a year, or unlimited.

note: to preserve storage space, an image will be automatically deleted after 6 months (180 days) if not used by anyone.

Closing the loop

This comes in nicely to complete our other tools of quick sharing online on a neutral and ethical hoster. Do you know them all?

And from now on:

Lutim will soon be added to our status page with the other services.

Enjoy your new picture sharing service!

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