Monthly update: December 2021

by Hostmaster

Nomagic’s year highlights.

Ready for 2022?

As the year is ending, let’s take this opportunity to thank all Nomagic members for being part of this journey for yet another year. From FOSS suggestions to user documentation, your contributions are much appreciated, and we are glad to have such engaged members!

To sum up how 2021 turned up for Nomagic, here is what has been done:

  • Converted Nomagic to a French not-for-profit (announcement).
  • Added a new server, to balance resource consumption (announcement).
  • Higher limits on user storage for Funkwhale, Seafile and Peertube.
  • Added 2 new services: TiddlyWiki and Vaultwarden
  • Our 2 main servers have been upgraded to latest Proxmox 7, an extremely neat hypervisor solution which Nomagic has been relying on for years now.
  • The mail server got a configuration refresh (announcement).

Finally, most of our members migrated from Liberapay to direct bank transfers, so we can follow Nomagic membership in a much easier way.

On that note, several users did not get back to us regarding their membership. Please check your emails and revert to us if you find out you are one of them.



Applications upgrades

The following applications have been upgraded to their latest stable versions:

  • Mobilizon
  • Peertube

These 2 applications are developed by Framasoft, a not-for-profit composed of 37 members and 10 employees. They do all kinds of wonderful things around FOSS and communities. They run solely on donations and are currently running their yearly online fundraising. Don’t hesitate to show how much you appreciate their hard work by helping out financially :heart:.

Bugs and issues

We are still facing backup rollover issue. Hopefully this will fixed for good by the end of the year.

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objectives

  • Upgrade the last 3 servers to Debian Buster.
  • Organise monthly discovery sessions to ease out first contact with people interested in Nomagic.

Mid-term objectives

  • Migrate all our servers to Debian 11 (Bullseye). This will likely be our main task for the first part of next year.
  • Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) so that Nomagic users won’t have to authenticate on each and every service in their Web browser.

Long-term objectives

  • Keep on implementing security/privacy policies.

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