PeerTube on Nomagic

by Hostmaster

Part of the Fediverse

PeerTube We are happy to announce that Nomagic now includes PeerTube, a video streaming service, on its catalogue!

What makes it even more exciting is that PeerTube is developed with a decentralisation and federation mindset. This means that today already PeerTube instances (ie independent and separate PeerTube servers) can interconnect and share their catalogues. For example, Nomagic is currently following 4 different PeerTube servers and is being followed by a dozen of instances.

This possibility of inter-connection is the same concept that made the Internet, which is nothing else than an inter-connection of networks.

Here is a small video of explanation which was used during the crowdfunding campaign:

Animation Produced by: LILA - ZeMarmot Team | Directed by Aryeom | Assistant Jehan | Licence: CC-By-SA 4.0

A young project

PeerTube is currently funded by non-profit organisation Framasoft (also responsible for the CHATONS initiative). They hired PeerTube’s main developer, Chocobozzz, to work full time on the project. A crowdfunding campaign, initiated by Framasoft (relayed on our Diaspora account), managed to secure the release of the first version for October 2018 (current version is beta, with active work on handling subtitles on-going) as well as extra features for a “deluxe” release.

Exciting times

Just to put things in perspective, we are talking about a product that, if successful, should be able to compete on several layers with the hundreds of thousands of servers used by Google for Youtube without a centralised control subject to censorship and at a much lower energy cost.

At Nomagic we hope PeerTube will meet the same success that Mastodon (a decentralised Twitter alternative relying on the same protocols to inter-connect with any other social micro-blogging platform supporting it, ex: Gnu Social. It’s also in our pipeline ;-) ).

Share your own videos

All our users will get an account created with 5 GB of storage. Once uploaded, a video can be made public, unlisted or private.

  • public: video will show in the catalogue of our instance and all other instances connected to Nomagic.
  • unlisted: video will not show in our catalogue, but sharing the link of the video will allow others to access it.
  • private: video will only be visible for your account. This means you will need to be logged in to read the video.

Use responsibly

As for the other services, users are responsible for the content they upload and share online through our platform and the same rules apply. You should not upload any video that would result in copyright infringement (except maybe Steal this movie II, but it’s already there). To improve search results, please take the time to fill in title, description and tags as well as License and language spoken.

Mature contents need to be marked as such during upload with the checkbox This video contains mature or explicit content. A proper video description is also expected by respect for other cybernauts. Our PeerTube instance is set up to not list mature content. If you consider the video is not appropriate for younger audiences while not showing any particular explicit content, we recommand to mention the Parental Guidance in the title of the video (ex: the short animated movie Cosmos Landromat is PG 13, and advertised as such).

Happy PeerTube-ing!

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